About Me

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Hi - I'm Bill. I'm a journalist - and an adventurer; and a dad; and a gamesman; and a story-teller; and also a writer. My latest book is on journalism, a how-to guide for young reporters. In the last six months, I've talked to hundreds of media studies students at over 20 universities. The talk is getting quite polished now - as are the THOUSANDS of fossilized sharks' teeth that I hand out at the end of the show.

I’ve also written a number of novels - and finally, and at long last, I have found a theme that I am warming to. I am embarked on an epic series of love stories. There are four out at the moment, with another two already in the pipe-line. The latest is The Woman Who Was The Desert Dream, a love-story that is set in the  Marathon Des Sables, a middling tough race in the Sahara. With luck and a following wind, I am hoping to have at least another dozen stories in the series before I am done.

My other novels have all been rather scatter-gun. I’ve tried my hand at historical fiction, satire and horror; I’ve even edited the hand-written memoirs of Britain’s most wanted fugitive, The Seventh Earl of Lucan.

If you’d like a taster of the love stories, there is a little video for my first romance, The Well-Tempered Clavier, made my great friend Tim Maguire.


A grand love affair that goes catastrophically wrong; it is a theme that I will never tire of.